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Delonghi AC230 Air Purifier with Sensor touch screen 5 layers filtering and Ionizer for up to 80 sqm rooms AC230

Quickfind: 1226990 SKU: AC230

Product Information

What stands out

  • Ideal for extra-large rooms in the home, covering a room size up to 80m²
  • It lets you know with LED lights what the current air quality is in the room
  • Removes airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, easily capturing fine dust and even tobacco
  • It’s ideal for allergy sufferers as it can eliminate pollen, dust and pet hair
  • Creates a healthier environment by eliminating bacteria, spores and virus microbes
  • It reduces the effects cigarette smoke and car fumes have on the air and other VOC pollutants
  • It takes care of any un-pleasant odours and pollutants for a fresher home environment

The details

This air purifier is ideal for any home, you don’t just have to be an allergy sufferer to feel the benefits of what it can do. There’s a whole host of things floating around your home that can affect your health that you wouldn’t even think about. The air purifier works to reduce the amount of particles in your home air, which means when you breathe in, less particles will enter your lungs, so it benefits everyone’s health, whilst eliminating odours and making your air fresher. It takes care of things like human hair, dander, pet hair, dust, fine dust, pollen, smoke, odour, VOC pollutants, bacteria and even chemical particles from things as standard as house hold cleaners.

It features LED lighting to let you know first thing what state your air quality is in. If the sides of the air purifier light up red then your air quality is bad, if it goes green it’s ok but could be better and when your air quality is good it will light up blue.

It works by using five filters, each does something different to ensure cleaner air. There’s a pre-filter that removes large impurities like dust and hair which can be removed and washed. Then there’s the HEPA filter, this one works to remove really tiny airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, so it captures things like fine dust, pollen and even tobacco. Then you have the active charcoal filter, this works to eliminate any un-pleasant odours and pollutants. Then there's the Nano Silver filter which eliminates bacteria, spores, fungi and virus microbes. Finally there's the photo-catalyst filter with UV light. This eliminates VOC pollutants such as formaldehyde, exhaust fumes, benzene, toluene and odours like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. You’ve also got the ionizer, which is independently controlled. This makes electrically charged ions, so you press a button on the air purifier and it sends out a pulse of ions. These ions bond to pesky particles in the air, making them easier to be drawn into the air purifier filters.

When the air has been cleaned, the air purifier releases the clean air back into the room via top vents, this improves the general air circulation of the room and also prevents the air purifier from creating a cold stream, which can be a tad annoying if you’re sitting near it.

It’s really easy to use, with touch control buttons. You can choose one of the three speed settings, depending on your air quality. There’s a timer setting, so you can decide whether it turns off after 1,2,4 or 8 hours, ideal if you’re going to bed and leaving it running. And there’s the ionizer button for you to control when you want. The control panel will also let you know with an LED indicator when it’s time to replace your filters. Replacing your filters when prompted is important as it ensures the air purifier is working to the best of its ability to make a difference to your air quality.

Essential info

  • Dimensions: W50 x D45 x H23 cm
  • Room size: 80m/2
  • Speeds: 3
  • Filtration: 5 Stages

More info

  • Efficiently takes care of the air in room sizes up to 40m²
  • 5 Stage air purification
  • Washable pre-filter - removes large impurities such as dust and hair
  • HEPA filter- removes particles as small as 0.3 microns, filtering out dust, pollen and even tobacco
  • Active charcoal filter – removes unpleasant odours and pollutants
  • Nano Silver filter - removes bacteria, spores, fungi and virus microbes
  • Photo-catalyst filter with UV light - removes VOC pollutants including formaldehyde, exhaust fumes and benzene
  • Independently controlled Ionizer – removes dust particles, pollen, cigarette smoke and car fumes
  • Purified air is returned to the room in an upward flow which improves air circulation in the room
  • Led lights indicate air quality – Red is bad, green is moderate and blue is good
  • Timer to set an auto-shut off time period (1-2-4-8 hrs)
  • 1 Fan with 3 speeds settings
  • Easy and stylish touch controls
  • Ensures cleaner air by automatically adjusting to the air quality of the environment
  • Alerts you when it’s time to replace the HEPA and carbon filter to maintain efficiency
  • Noise level: 33-44 dB
  • Airflow: 110-160-255 m³/h

Download Instruction Manual

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