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Do you Suffer from Hayfever or Asthma?

Air Conditioning is vital for some Hay fever and Asthma sufferers. With the ability to purify air and reduce humidity Air Conditioners can play a crucial role in helping you sleep and breathe!

There have been several documented occasions where Air Conditioners have actually been prescribed to people suffering heavily from allergies or Asthma to relieve their symptoms and help them sleep. Sadly this has only been in extreme cases and isn't available for most people so we have been working hard to bring you the lowest price deals around!

Life Saver

Already known for saving the lives of elderly residents in summer heat waves by keeping their temperature down and stopping dehydration, Air Conditioners also benefit young children as they also purify and filter the air making it easier to breathe.

This is invaluable in the hot, humid, muggy summer months when the air feels thick and sticky. Simply plug in your Air Conditioner and you suddenly receive cool, clean, fresh breathable air, which makes a big difference to everyone, young and old.

Pure, Clean, Safe Air

To keep the air you breathe pure and pollutant free Air Conditioners are fitted with various filters.

These filter can catch tiny particles such as smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, bacteria, viruses and even neutralise odours. This keeps the air around you pure and safe to breathe helping allergy sufferers especially throughout the summer months. In order to keep your Air Conditioner working to it's maximum efficiency we recommend you check and clean the filter once every 2 weeks if its receiving heavy use.

Prevent Dust Mite and Mould Growth

Your Air Conditioner is also a dehumidifier.

Not only does this create a less sticky feeling to the air but it prevents dust mites and mould populations from growing. This is a big plus for any asthma and allergy sufferers as dust mites and mould are common triggers for skin flare ups and asthma.


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